Our New Teepee

Jon and Jema by Ocean Tee Pee in Ocean City, WA.

My love and I wake in Ocean City, Washington to the sound of ocean waves and slip on our flip flops.  We wander into the lush shrubs and find the sandy path for our feet, worn down among the grassy dunes.  The fog has lifted for a few hours, and so we explore. Sculpture greets […]

Creative Mothers Interview

Jema with hat

I was given the opportunity to reflect on my life as a mother and a creative by Megan at “Days With The Grays” in her Creative Mothers Series. Hop on over to my Creative Mothers Interview to learn the inner workings and struggles I face as I answer questions like “What is the most challenging […]

Seeping Awareness and Refrigerator Ammonia

Taking out the RV Norcold refrigerator on recall.

Ammonia seeping in the RV was the first sign our refrigerator was broken. “Mom.  Dad.  Something smells really bad back here,” shares Elizabeth as we drive the two lane highway in Oregon.  I scour my brain for possible causes.  Perhaps it is the black tank, I know swishing poop smells bad.  Maybe it is the […]

Seattle Gum Wall

Grace at Gum Wall in Seattle, WA.

Quirky, fun, and disgustingly awesome seems to describe the experience.  The Seattle Gum Wall now has seven new pieces of gum oozing in the sunlight!  We are very proud. The walls are located by the box office for Market Theater, covered by several inches of flavor, 15 feet high for 50 feet.  Around 1993 the […]

Am I a (wo)Man or Am I a Muppet?

Family photo with the movie cardboard cutout of the Muppets.

Some days I feel like I am a Muppet and not a (wo)man.  There are skits taking place in my life that make me wonder if I am just another side act.  Hanging out with the Swedish Chef backstage would be pretty sweet.  I could learn what he really said to that chicken. Ammonia Smell […]