Am I a (wo)Man or Am I a Muppet?

Family photo with the movie cardboard cutout of the Muppets.

Some days I feel like I am a Muppet and not a (wo)man.  There are skits taking place in my life that make me wonder if I am just another side act.  Hanging out with the Swedish Chef backstage would be pretty sweet.  I could learn what he really said to that chicken. Ammonia Smell […]

Lattin’s Country Cider Mill

Pigs at Lattin's Country Cider Mill in Olympia, WA.

On our journey from Fort Stevens State Park to Seattle, Washington we decided to stop by Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm.  It lured me in with descriptions of fresh baked pies, flavored apple ciders, and fuzzy farm animals! We enrolled ourselves in the Harvest Hosts program, paying the annual $40 fee which allows us to dry […]

FREE Road Trip Planner eBook

Road Trip Planner eBook Cover by Jema.

HEY EVERYBODEEE!  My very first eBook is now on the Amazon Kindle store!  It is official!  After three years of traveling around gathering up good info, I can finally share this with you! TODAY I am excited to offer this eBook as a thank you to my readers for FREE! THANK YOU!  Thank you for […]

Love Your Eyes

Jema in a swing chair or hammock by Acacia.

I am trying to convince Jon that my gift of creative thinking will manage to find a place for this Acacia swing chair (I want the butterfly design)!  I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it at Columbia River Roaster in Arcadia, Oregon.  A coffee shop with a swing! So far I have developed […]

Pie Fight: How We Celebrate Birthdays

Cool whip face on Eli.

When I stepped a foot outside the box, as in the box of cultural norms, unknowingly I decided to view the world from a different perspective.  I no longer felt bound by traditional ways of celebrating occasions.  I was freed of what I was “suppose” to do or “should” do for my kids if I […]