"Acadia" National Park Blue, Silver, Green, Contemporary Abstract Acrylic Painting by Jema with embedded found objects.

Have you ever been surrounded by nature that was so magnificent it was beautifully overwhelming?  We bonded with our traveling friends as we climbed a mountain hugging trail to the top of Mount Penobscot within Acadia National Park.  The sight was breathtaking with views of Maine’s cool flowing waters, deep green swaying pines, and rock […]

Calm a Busy Mind

Palm trees and beach at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.

(Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, CA) I have a busy mind, one of random thoughts of unrelated bits swirling through my head daily, hourly, by the second. This morning there were so many ideas, my body woke as if it had consumed four mugs of dark roast coffee and munched some espresso beans for breakfast. […]

Huntington Beach Pier

Pier at Huntington Beach, California.

The historic Huntington Beach Pier located in Huntington Beach, California.  There is consistent surf at this location throughout the year where waves are enhanced by a natural effect caused by the edge-diffraction of open ocean swells around Catalina Island.  The surfers rode the waves until the sun dipped into the ocean as we walked to the end […]

Surf City USA

Surf instructors at Clint Carroll Surf School in Huntington Beach, California.

Living in Newport Beach, California it takes a few minutes in the car to step into the sand at Huntington Beach.  This famous surfing destination is known for its consistent surf, and after fighting a legal battle with Santa Cruz, has officially reinvented itself again winning the title of “Surf City, USA”. The lesson went […]

Newport Dunes

Mallard duck on table at Newport Beach, CA outside Peet's Coffee and Tea.

We zoomed from Phoenix, Arizona to Newport Beach, California in one day.  Our brand new eight tires and new brakes made the ride feel like we were flying, or perhaps that was more of our imagination as we wanted so desperately to feel a drastic difference with the drastic amount we paid out for “home […]